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Toaster Kenwood TTP102

I found this toaster a couple of weeks ago, with the main cord cut: here is the “disemboweling”!

The Toaster
The manual is here (from ManualsLib).
It is a simple, 2 slice toaster, with "600-800 W", vertical positioning and some controls which I’ll describe later.
It seems to be out of sale in some places (Amazon-UK, Amazon-DE, Kenwood-DE, Kenwood-PAK, Kenwood-ES) but it is available elsewhere (IND, UK, MasterSparesOnline, PAK, ebay-DE).

The Operation
The device is relatively simple, with 5 “controls”:
- the slice lowering lever,
- the variable "browning control",
- the cancel, defrost and reheat buttons (illuminated).

The Inside
The electrical parts are organized in 4 elements:
- the power switch, with a solenoid,
- the variable resistor (“browning control”),
- the 3 heating panels, and
- the control PCB (with the cancel, defrost and reheat buttons and the timers).

The following pictures show the sequence of opening the toaster.

There seems to be a market of spares for this unit, mostly in the UK (PartMaster, 4Kenwood, BuySpares, eSpares).

The Power Switch and Solenoid
Lowering the slices with the main lever closes a switch, that feeds a solenoid. The lever is then attracted to the solenoid and when the power supply to the solenoid is open, a spring in the lever makes it jump-up, with the slices.

The solenoid is labelled “TA8018”. It is fed from the control board, which supplies it with DC current.
The switch is mounted on a board, with no fuse.

The Variable Resistor
It is a linear variable resistor, labelled “B200K” and I have measured from 300 to 200 kohm. One of the bands on the sides of the support is conductive, the other resistive.

The Heating Panels
There are three heating panels, connected in series. One of them is connected with a single wire to the control board.

I have measured about 25 ohm for the ones on the sides, and 30 ohm in the central one. The heating power is therefore 600 W at 220 V (not 800 W).
Based on the length of the wire, the unit resistivity is approx. 150 ohm/m.
The support is a sort of micaceous paper.
The panels are labelled “TA8018M”.

The Control Board
The control board is connected to:
- the power switch for line,
- the end of the wire at the first heating panel for “neutral”,
- the solenoid, and
- the variable resistor (the “browning control”).

The board supports three push buttons with light, but its core is a chip: TN0841B2 A0201D, which I described here.
The board is labelled as “TA8018GS-D-11”, "E123995", "KB-3151" and “2006-7-15 REV:A”, for which I have not found any reference.

The schematics is as follows:
At the connector:
- 1 is for the "ground" at the heater,
- 2 and 4 are for the solenoid, and 
- 3 is for the AC line.

(The pins of the chip are not correctly identified).

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